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I’m Lisa, former elementary art teacher turned stay at home mom to my two girls, ages 3 and 5. I live in Birmingham, Alabama and strive to spend my time with my children immersed in art, nature, play, books, music, cooking, and anything that sparks imagination and creativity. Art runs in my blood and I come from a long line of creative thinkers in my family including painters, art teachers, architects, landscape designers, interior designers, industrial designers, photographers, actors, and musicians.

What this blog is about: In The Art Garden blog, I hope to inspire parents, families, and educators with creative ideas, art activities, and information on children and learning. I’ll share and document art projects that I do with my children as well as helpful parenting ideas and resources that has worked for me and my family.


What inspired this blog: My oldest daughter, Lila Pearl, has always had a love for crafts and getting her hands dirty. As a former art teacher, I have always wanted to encourage any artistic outlet she desired. However, when daughter #2 (Willa June) came around, I found myself just trying to survive when my precious Pearl would ask each day, “what project are we doing today?”. I’ll admit that most days, while adjusting to two kiddos, knee deep in laundry, sleep deprived, and a dozen other tasks to do, I just wanted to do the bare minimum or nothing at all. Getting out the supplies and dealing with the clean up after a project didn’t exactly appeal to me so I sometimes missed out on the opportunity to engage Lila in artful experiences. Over time, things got easier and I’ve learned how to balance parenthood while also being able to provide creative opportunities.

While there are still challenges, my girls are both at an age where we can do fun projects and activities together. We have so much fun and I want to share our experiences with others looking for creative inspiration. We don’t do art projects everyday but I try to make sure my girls have access to materials that they can be creative with independently whether it’s with simple drawing tools, playing with open-ended toys, or getting outside and exploring nature. I’d love to share those ideas with you.

My art experience: I studied fine art and graphic design at Auburn University before transferring to Illinois State University for the Art Education program. After graduation, I moved to Louisville, Kentucky with my soon to be husband and took my first art teaching job at a k-8 school for special needs and learning disabilities. We later moved back to our home town in Birmingham where I taught elementary and intermediate art. After we welcomed our first child, Lila, I decided my calling was to stop teaching to stay home with her.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will find ideas that will inspire creativity with your family or school. Head over to my Activities or Blog page to get started.

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