Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream!

Here is an EASY activity that creates the most awesome results. Make your own marbled paper using liquid color and shaving cream! I have been seeing this process done by others on Pinterest for quite some time but I didn't do it until just recently. I wish I had tried it sooner! I was so… Continue reading Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream!

Creativity · Nature

Shell Painting Activity

The girls and I went on a beach trip last month with my mother and one of their favorite things to do was to search for seashells. Over the course of several days that we were there, we had several bags full to bring home! When we had a rainy day back at home, these… Continue reading Shell Painting Activity


Watercolor Resist with Rubber Cement!

This resist painting is fun and easy and will be like magic to your little ones. Rubber cement will resist watercolor paint similar to an oil pastel or other other substance that masks a liquid. Only a few supplies needed: Liquid Watercolors Watercolor Paper rubber cement (can be found in almost any store!) Start by… Continue reading Watercolor Resist with Rubber Cement!


Dad’s will love this EASY gift idea made by little hands

Schools don't always have large amounts of funds for the art department so teachers sometimes have to get creative with cheap or free materials. One of the things about being a former art teacher is that I'm always looking at unusual items to be used for potential art projects and saving things that would otherwise… Continue reading Dad’s will love this EASY gift idea made by little hands

Creativity · Nature

Mixed Media Bugs

If you have a child that loves to paint, this activity will be a lot of fun because it allows them to get messy and creative with unusual painting tools to make textured papers. Or if you happen to have a stack of painted papers from your child's "free paint" that you can't part then… Continue reading Mixed Media Bugs

Imagination · Nature · Play

Invitation to Play: Flower Station

"Nowhere in nature can you find purer color than sunlight passing through the petal of a flower" - Larry K. Stephenson Every now and then I will set up an "Invitation to Play", an activity of unstructured or open-ended play for the girls to do independently while I try get a little work done around… Continue reading Invitation to Play: Flower Station


Fingerprint Trees

 We revisited paint blowing that we did the other day for our next activity. Using straws to direct the paint is a great way to make branches and trees so we made a fingerprint tree with this technique. Children's fingerprint art is always a win with parents and grandparents so this would be a fun gift idea! Try… Continue reading Fingerprint Trees


Printing Roses with Celery

Printmaking was always a favorite art process of mine dating back to college and then later when teaching. Printing is a fun process for children to engage in because of the surprise aspect of lifting the object to see what remains. It is also a bonus to be able to make the same design over and… Continue reading Printing Roses with Celery


Blowing Paint

The girls had fun experimenting with straws to blow paint the other day. This process is an easy activity that is very exciting for children. They love seeing their paint splatter across the paper! This technique can be used to create a variety of outcomes such as branches, trees, hair, or just an abstract design.… Continue reading Blowing Paint