Mixed Media Easter Egg Craft

DSC_0172I thought I’d post this even though Easter is about to officially end in a couple of hours.

My girls love mixed media projects that involve painting, cutting, gluing, stamping, and experimenting with a variety of materials. They especially love projects where they have free reign to use the materials any way they please.

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We read one of our Easter books, The Golden Egg Book (aff link), and we were inspired by the front cover to make our own beautiful eggs. This is a really great project for anyone wanting to provide a process based activity that doesn’t require much assistance or instruction.

I initially gave my girls an egg shape traced onto a medium weight mixed media paper…cardstock would be good too. I set up a station for them to start decorating their eggs  with drawing materials while I got the paint and some other supplies together for the next step. They both love drawing so they got right to work.



Once they were finished with the drawing step, I gave them a tray of paint with plastic Easter eggs to stamp circles onto their egg. They LOVED this step!


The next step was their favorite part…glue! I gave them a tray of items they could add to their egg such as paper shapes (cut from my scrap bin), some pre-cut scrapbook designs I found on clearance at a craft store, jewels, yarn, stickers, and glitter glue. These were all things I had on hand so anything could work for this step…buttons, items from nature, etc…


Lila was very careful about her placement and arrangement of her materials.


Willa on the other hand…she LOVES glue.


And that’s it! I cut the egg shapes out once they were dry.

The finished result:


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