4 Easy Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

So we have chickens. Seven of them to be exact. We have an abundance of eggs at all times and they are primarily brown, tan, and olive green.

DSC_0760File_000 (52)

Have you ever dyed Easter eggs using brown eggs? When I first tried it I decided I was never going back to using white eggs. The rich, jewel toned colors turn out amazing. (*tip* for brown eggs we like to leave them in the dye a little extra long to achieve the deep color)


We decorated ours today using a few tried and true methods that create great designs and colors. Here are my top 4 easy techniques for decorating eggs:

  1. The first one is just plain ‘ol crayon. It creates a resist when the egg is added to the dye and the colors pop nicely. My sisters and I grew up decorating our eggs with crayon and we would compete to make the best designed “prize” egg…I’m the youngest so it was usually one of my older sisters who would win!DSC_0219
  2. The second one is using circle reinforcement stickers. Just stick them on the egg, put them in the dye, and then take them off to reveal the color of the egg. You can leave it the egg color (brown or white, depending on what you use) or put it back in the dye to change the color of the circles and the egg some more.DSC_0214
  3. Rubber bands, just wrap several around the egg in different directions (young children may need help with this part) and place it in the dye. Just like the stickers, after removing the bands you can leave the revealed egg color or put it back in the dye.DSC_0179DSC_0215
  4. The last one is my favorite…rubber cement. Just lay the egg on a plate and drizzle the glue all around in different directions on one side (try not to use too much or let it pool in one area). Let that side dry for a few minutes (it will still be tacky) and then flip it over and do the same to the other side. Once it is dry, put it in your dye. After you take your egg out, let it dry completely and then just take your fingers and rub it around the egg to start peeling off the rubber cement. The finished result is awesome!DSC_0212DSC_0218


Aren’t they beautiful?! My girls are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 years old and all of these techniques were easy and fun for them (and me!).



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