Here you will find ideas for open-ended play and imagination.

So what is open-ended play? “A child engaged in open-ended play is simply going with the flow. He is exploring open-ended materials — objects that have multiple uses and infinite possibilities, like the ones mentioned above, and others, such as paint, clay, sand, mud, water, blocks, and Legos. There are no expectations, no specific problems to solve, no rules to follow, and no pressure to produce a finished product. It’s all about free play — the freedom to invent and discover”. This article from explains it best.

Invitation to Play: Flower StationDSC_0690 - Edited

10 Earth Day Activities and Crafts This resource has several great ideas for projects that encourage play based learning

Wooden Peg Bunnies


DIY Busy BoardDSC_0776

Birdseed Sensory BinDSC_0105

File_003 (17)

My girls LOVE playing with the box of scrap wood pieces we keep in the garage. These provide hours of fun as they use their imagination to build cities and castles.

This Corn and Straw Sensory Bin can bring life to forgotten toys!File_001 (24)

Spring Sensory Bin


This garden is still growing! Stay tuned for more ideas for open ended play and learning.