Printing with plastic eggs

Hello and welcome to my first official post of The Art Garden!

I’m starting this blog to share tips and fun ideas for your family to be creative. With Easter right around the corner, I thought it was fitting to start with a simple printing idea for all ages. This involves using plastic eggs and a little tempera paint.


Step 1-

First, find a tray or plate to hold the paint and eggs. We used a paint palette we had but a muffin tin or paper plate would work great too.

I selected my plastic eggs based on what color paint I was using to help my girls out and I’ve found that the bigger half of the egg works best for gripping. It takes some fine motor skills to grip the egg and can take some work, even for me, so it could be helpful to hot glue a bead or button to the top. Just place your eggs in the designated paint color and let them go to town.



Step 2:

Begin printing the eggs around the paper! That’s it!

I should have known this, but next time I will provide a separate tray for each kid. My oldest, Lila, is a little OCD about her colors getting mixed up in the tray and #2 was having a blast stamping into several colors before printing. I, personally, loved the mixed look but Lila wasn’t having it. Lila did, however, like Willa’s idea of using her fingers to make prints in addition to stamping the eggs.


Finished result:

Lila, 4 1/2                                                   Willa, 2 1/2

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