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Nature Has the Best Art Materials!

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Arbor Day was a few days ago and although we didn’t get around to planting a tree we did plant some vegetables in our garden beds! We also read one of our favorite books, Tap The Magic Tree, and did a little tree branch painting activity.

File_000 (3) - Edited

We went out to the backyard and collected some branches that had fallen from a tree. Branches have great texture and I love the way paint looks on them. We used acrylic because I thought it would stick better than tempera.

File_000 (4) - Edited

Doesn’t that look cool? This was a great activity for my girls to have some independent creative time. I like when I can set out materials and just let them go without having to assist them too much.

File_000 (1) - Edited

File_000 (2) - Edited

Once they were done painting on one side, we let it dry before flipping it over and doing the other side. I love how it turned out. I have plans to put it in a glass vase with stones on one of our art shelves but I think it would look great with another branch or two added. I’ll post an update when we are finished!


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