Connecting with Nature

Here you will find experiences and discovery involving nature. Nature has the best FREE materials and gets you and your child outdoors. Outdoor play engages the senses and imagination and provides important benefits to children. Let’s get outside!

Try this Birdseed Sensory Bin outside

15 Earth Day Activities and Crafts

Fall Crow Collages


Set up this Invitation to Play: Flower Station to engage your little ones in an unstructured and open-ended activityFile_000 (12)

9 Fun and Creative Washi Tape Activities

File_001 (36) - Edited

These Nature Shadow Boxes are fun to create and incorporate natural materials into art. Also, see our updated Nature Shadow Boxes Part 2!DSC_0853

Mixed Media Bugs using painted papers and items from natureFile_000 (17)

Shell Painting ActivityFile_001 (10)

Take those painted shells and make some recycled art with this Water Bottle Fish MobileFile_000 (51)

Arbor Day tree painting activityimg_0426-1

Post coming soon on Rock Painting!File_008 (5)



Stay tuned for more fun ideas to get outside and discover nature!