Watercolor Resist with Rubber Cement!

This resist painting is fun and easy and will be like magic to your little ones. Rubber cement will resist watercolor paint similar to an oil pastel or other other substance that masks a liquid.

Only a few supplies needed:

DSC_0265 - Edited (1)

Start by drizzling the glue all around the paper to make lines, swirls, and other designs. Since the glue comes with a little brush Willa, naturally, wanted to paint with it and spread it around. You will see later how too much glue will make more white paper areas show with the paint.

DSC_0262 - Edited (2)

Once you are done with the glue step, put it aside to dry. We let it sit for about an hour while we worked on this other beautiful watercolor project!

Now this is the magical part! Look at Lila’s response here are she puts her first stroke of paint over the dried rubber cement. Complete awe and excitement!

DSC_0338 - Edited

You can see how using more glue and spreading it with the brush created white areas once the paint was added. They both have different looks but equally beautiful.

DSC_0384 - Edited

Once the paintings are completely dry, use your fingers to rub off the rubber cement. This can sometimes be difficult for children because it can be a little irritating on your fingertips after a while from all the rubbing. If you are working on a large scale, then this little tool I used in my college design classes will be a lifesaver! File_000 (21) - Edited

File_001 (26) - Edited


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