Miniature Walnut Ornaments: Craftmas 2018

Happy Holidays and Happy Craftmas!

We are participating in Craftmas again this year hosted by Cara from Raising Kinley and Laura and Tia from Little Button Diaries. Craftmas is a group of crafty bloggers showcasing fun, festive crafts for families to create during the holiday season. This year the Craftmas gang consists of 12 days of sharing by 24 bloggers around the world. Be sure to follow the hashtag #craftmas over on Instagram to see the updates.

So, today is Day 6 of Craftmas and our day to share with Instagram’s @heart_artlife.  I’m bringing back a childhood memory of mine with these Miniature Walnut Ornaments. My art teacher mom made ornaments out of walnuts when I was a child and I always remember admiring them on our tree every Christmas. We made a slightly different variation. See below for the steps.

Some of the following materials are optional and can be altered to make it in your own way!

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First, gently crack open your walnuts. This can be done with a nutcracker or by carefully prying it open with a knife. Remove the nut and clean out the inside.


Paint the inside and outside of the walnut or keep it natural.

Select the materials for the inside of your shell. Add a little school glue and glitter for some shimmery snow.

I created a mini house from the cardstock packaging that came with some of my miniatures. It had a perfect brick pattern! I trimmed off the base of the mini trees and cut the tree smaller to fit inside the walnut. Secure your miniature items with hot glue.

I attached a mini snowflake for added decoration and a pony bead to the top for easy hanging.

IMG_2358 (2)

Thread your ribbon or twine through the bead and tie a bow with enough slack to hang on a branch.

That’s it! See our other Walnut Ornaments below!img_2362


Pin for later!walnutornament

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Happy Creating!

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