Winter Paper Bag Art

Out of art paper? No, problem! Save a few recyclables and you have some easy materials for this winter art project.

We used some of our favorite processes such as printing with bubble wrap and gluing fun items like sequins, beads, and cut up straws.

Make these for beautiful holiday gifts or to display with your holiday decor!

See the supplies and steps below:


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Step 1-

Start with your paper grocery sack. Tear out a section so it has a nice rough edge around the sides.

Step 2-

Tape down a piece of bubble wrap to your table and squirt some paint on a tray or plate. Use your brayer to roll on a thin layer of paint onto your bubble wrap. Lay your paper onto the bubble wrap and gently rub around.

Lift the paper to reveal the printed dots!


Step 3-

Repeat the printing process with different colors. We used a new tray of paint and sheet of bubble wrap and cleaned off our brayer for new colors. Lay your paper in different directions to print on other areas of your paper.

Step 4:

Cut triangles out of your cardboard and textured papers and give them a little paint. These can be the trees or mountains for your art.

Step 5:

We also cut some extra triangles out of construction paper for some added layers of color.


Step 6- 

You could stop here and leave the art as is because they look pretty cool! Keep scrolling to see the extra details we added.

Step 7-

Gather your fun decorative items and glue them to your trees for a little bling! Gluing loose parts are always my girls favorite thing to do!


Finished Winter Paper Bag Art:




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