Heart Art ~ Four Ways

Looking for some LOVE themed art ideas?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so here is your one stop for FOUR fun art ideas! Any of these can be used for framed art, cards, or gift ideas.

Click on the link below for a step-by-step video and then scroll below for more details and the supply list for all four hearts!

Heart Art ~ Four Ways How to Video

A few things to prep:

  1. Start off by cutting four squares of cardstock to be used for each one of these heart projects.
  2. Make a heart template from another piece of cardstock by folding it in half, drawing half of a heart along the crease, and then cutting it out with the paper folded.
  3. Use the heart template to trace a heart on each of your four squares of cardstock


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1) Straw Heart


  • Cardstock with heart traced
  • Plastic straws ( I used a mix of some I picked up from the grocery store along with these)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (any glue will do the job but hot glue would be the best permanent choice)
  • Thin Sharpie


Line one straw at a time along your traced heart and make a mark with your Sharpie where you need to cut. Cut the straw on your mark and draw a line of glue onto the heart. Attach your straw and continue with the rest of your straws, alternating colors. Easy Peasy!

2) Pointillism Heart


  • Cardstock with heart traced
  • Tempera
  • pencil with a flat eraser top, cotton swabs, or the end of a paintbrush

Pointillism is a fun and easy process for children. There is something so satisfying about making art with just dots! You can make this using the end of a paintbrush or pencil but I actually prefer cotton swabs. They hold a little more paint on the end and are great for children’s small hands.

For this heart, we made our dots AROUND the outside of the heart so the inside was white. When you make your dots, make sure you get close to the pencil line of the traced heart.

When it is dry, take an eraser to erase the pencil line…this will allow just the dots to create the heart!


3) Marbled Heart

Marbled paper is one of our all time favorite processes and I am still amazed every time we lift that paper from the shaving cream. It is so easy and the marbled paper can be used for a variety of projects like cards, a holiday bunting, or this project!


  • Cardstock heart
  • Shaving cream (the FOAM kind)
  • Liquid watercolors or watered down food coloring
  • A tray or shallow dish
  • Something to scrape (squeegee, credit card, or stiff cardboard)
  • Stick to swirl with (wooden dowel, end of a paintbrush, etc…I used a wooden kabob skewer!)

5 Easy Steps:

1) Spray a layer of shaving cream into your dish or tray 2) Drop on your watercolors all around the foam 3) Swirl the foam with a stick in several directions 4) Press your cardstock heart into the marbled shaving cream 5) Lift it up and scrap off the foam! That’s it!


Look how cool that is!


4) Stained Glass Heart:

Have you ever created with black glue? It is simple to make and is great for outlining!



To make your black glue, simply squirt some black tempera into a glue bottle that isn’t all the way full. Squirt some black paint into it (I just kind of eyeball it but maybe a 50/50 ratio).

Shake up your glue bottle until it is thoroughly mixed. Give it a little test on a scrap piece of paper first. If it looks a little blue add some more black paint or if it is streaked with a little white then shake it up some more.


“Scribble” with your glue all around your heart, making sure you leave areas big enough to color in. Willa (3) held her bottle in one place and squeezed a large pool of glue in the middle and Lila (5) did the exact opposite…she moved it all around as fast as she could!

When the glue is dry, cut out the heart and color in the spaces with chalk pastel. I like to use my finger to blend in the pastel after I color. Gently blow away any chalk dust or shake it off. I always spray our chalk projects with a fixative when I am finished to seal in the chalk and prevent smudging.


And that’s all folks! Which one is your favorite?

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