Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream!

Here is an EASY activity that creates the most awesome results. Make your own marbled paper using liquid color and shaving cream!

I have been seeing this process done by others on Pinterest for quite some time but I didn’t do it until just recently. I wish I had tried it sooner! I was so amazed with the results and the girls were too…it was like magic!

File_000 (43)

This will be one of our new go-to processes because it really is SO simple, fun, and creates beautiful papers that can be used for many projects. I already have so many future ideas swimming in my head for these papers…handmade cards, gift ideas, mixed media projects, etc…If you haven’t tried this process already, you must! You will be in awe and it is quite addictive.


  • Shaving cream (not gel)
  • eye dropper or pipette
  • liquid watercolor or watered down food coloring
  • cardstock or white art paper
  • a shallow dish or plate
  • a stick or tool for swirling the shaving cream (I just used the end of my pipette)


File_000 (41) - Edited

Gather your materials and squirt a layer of shaving cream into your dish.

File_002 (27) - Edited

Using liquid watercolor or food coloring, drip a few colors on top of the shaving cream with a dropper or pipette.

File_003 (26) - Edited

Use a tool (end of a paintbrush, stick, pencil) to swirl the colors together. I swirled it up and down one way, then up and down the other way.

File_004 (25) - Edited

Place your paper onto the colored shaving cream and gently press all around.

File_001 (32) - Edited

Lift the paper up (new set of colors and participant shown here!)

File_004 (13) - Edited

Take a piece of cardstock or cardboard and scrape off the shaving cream, You will be amazed!! This result pictured was Lila’s first try and it turned out awesome!

File_005 (22) - Edited

You can continue printing a few more papers off of the colored shaving cream but after a while you may want to add some more paint. You can also add another layer of shaving cream and paint on top of the old layer to start fresh.

File_007 (17) - Edited

File_006 (20) - Edited (1)

Awesome, huh?! Stay tuned for some projects using some of these cool marbled papers!