10 Fun and Creative Washi Tape Activities

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So, what is Washi tape?

Washi tape is an inexpensive tape that is similar to masking tape and comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and widths. It is a fairly new material to us but once we started using it, we became hooked! It opens up a whole new way of covering or decorating a surface. It’s great for adding a little color or pattern to your project and little ones (and adults!) love it.

Here are a few ways that we have created with it.

  1. Create a Washi Tape Tree that can be used for a simple invitation to play with various natural items. Items may include leaves, acorns, and flowers and can be changed throughout the seasons and arranged on the tree.

2) Mixed Media Flower Collages using recycled materials and Washi tape. We painted some scrap pieces of cardboard before arranging our tape and gluing some bottle caps and buttons on.

File_004 (26) - Edited

File_000 (47)

3) Cardboard Tube wrapping. This idea is endless: rainmakers, shakers, binoculars, braclets, etc…just a fun way to decorate something blank and turn it into something!

File_006 (14)

4) Free Play. Dinner needed to be made and I had a whiny two year old. I tore off several pieces of different colored Washi tape and stuck them to our kitchen table with a piece of paper near by…she was intrigued. She sat here and stuck and un-stuck the tape over and over again and long enough for me to get my food prepared. Win!

5) Cards for family. We framed off the edge of these cards with Washi tape before adding watercolor and salt. This is such a simple and beautiful method.

6) Wrapping objects. Washi tape is great for decorating a surface when you don’t feel like getting out the paints and making a mess.

We spruced up our art space with a letter project and did a different material for each letter. We did our “E” with tape.

IMG_7688 - Edited (1)

7) Hanging artwork. When you have a lot of kid art to display or want a simple way to change them out without making holes in the wall, use Washi tape! It is also adds a little extra interest to the art. Our Spin Art Heart Garland was a breeze to temporarily hang using washi tape.


8) Holiday Art, such as these simple cardstock trees,  look so pretty decorated with overlapping Washi tape.

9) Simple Decoration. We made these Milk Jug Masks with a variety of materials but Washi tape is such as easy way to add a pop of color or detail.

File_003 (28)

10) Easter Activities. This creative invitation was so simple and my girls loved making these fun eggs with the new washi tape patterns I found.

We also added our new tape to our Milk Carton Bunny Habitat.img_1808

What is your favorite way of using Washi tape?

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