CREATE! Our Letter Project

We’ve been in our new house for a little over a year now and one of the things I was most excited about when we moved in was our garage.

Really?? Yep…our house has a detached garage with a large space that the girls and I have designated as our art area. Our old house was tight on space and we did not have a garage so this was very exciting for us!

I’ve been working on getting the art area set up and organized to create a space that the girls and I can go to for art making. The walls needed a little sprucing up to get rid of the “garage” feel so I created an art wall to display the girls’ creations. We collaborated on decorating some wood letters that spelled “Create” to join our wall.

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  • Wood or cardboard letters. These can be found in most craft departments or art stores. We chose to use a mix and match of different sizes and font styles.
  • Tempera or acrylic paint. We used this tempera.
  • Various items for decorating: jewels, Pom poms, buttons, bottle caps, yarn, washi tape

We planned out what materials we wanted to do for each letter. We decided on the following:  C- yarn, R– paint and Pom poms, E– washi tape, A– splatter paint, T– painted seashells, and E– paint and buttons.

Some of them needed drying time before moving onto the next step so we worked on these letters over the course of a few days.

File_006 (28) - Edited

Some of our letters were white and provided a good background that was ready for paint. The brown, unprimed letters needed to get a coat of primer or white paint first to help the tempera stick a little better.

File_005 (34) - Edited

File_000 (62) - Edited (1)

In the picture above, you can see that our T started out with wine cork stamping. It didn’t quite have the look we wanted so we changed that to painted seashells!

IMG_7684 - Edited

We painted our shells with watercolor. These were leftover shells that we collected from our summer beach trip.

IMG_7662 - Edited

They channeled their inner Jackson Pollock for the A. The splatter paint was their favorite process!

File_000 (63) - Edited

Can you find the letter in there in all that paint?

Once the letters were complete and dry, they went up along side our art collection. Our space no longer feels like a garage!

*My letters didn’t have hooks or holes for hanging so I bought some picture hanging hooks for some of them and hot glued a loop of twine for the others.

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