Making Potions: Imaginary Play and Color Exploration

The days are long right now and many of us are struggling to keep our kids entertained and safe during this uncertain time. I typically spend summer days with my kids at the pool, zoo, art museum, library, splash pad, parks, etc…but now we have been mostly hunkered down at home.

The pandemic has certainly forced us to find creative ideas to break up the summer day and the constant complaints of “I”M BORED!”.


My girls love making potions or “soups” with nature items but sometimes we mix it up with new things like water beads and liquid watercolor! Water beads are SO FUN and it is even hard for me to resist digging my hands into a pile of them.

Grab a few simple materials below and watch your kids use their imagination and play for hours! *this activity should be done outside or in an area that you are not worried about mess or staining!

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What you will need:

Things to prep before hand:

  • If you are making your DIY Liquid Watercolor
  • Allow time for your water beads to expand (usually a couple hours depending on the size)


Once you have your materials and items prepped your kids are ready to go. They can fill cups with water and drop in the liquid watercolor a little at a time. The pipettes are great for adding drops of one color into the other. This activity is perfect for exploring color mixing and combinations. The water beads can be added for a fun sensory addition.


Happy playing!

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