Landscape with Layered Mountains

One of my favorite art processes is using watercolor and coarse salt. The results are magical!

I have done this method with my girls at home and knew my students at school would be amazed as well. We used our beautiful textured papers to make a Mountain Landscape.

Our steps and supplies can be found below!


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Step 1- Making your textured paper

Paint your watercolor/art paper with liquid watercolor. Cake pan watercolors can also be used but liquid really is the best for giving a vibrant color.

While the paper is still wet, sprinkle with the coarse salt. Once the paper is dry, the salt can be brushed off.

Step 3- Tearing the paper

Tear the painted paper into several strips…5 or 6 sections are good. It’s a bonus if the tearing creates a white rough edge. The white will help separate the mountains when they are layered.


Step 4- Assembling your mountains

Gather your torn paper pieces and find a good one to be your furthest mountain layer. Glue it down in the upper middle area of your paper.

Add another strip and overlap it slightly over the first layer. Continue adding layers until you have filled your page. Trim any excess paper that may be hanging off the edge.

Step 4- Adding details and finishing touches

Cut a shape for a moon and glue it in the sky. If your torn paper strips didn’t create a white edge, you may choose to color the edges of the mountain tops with white chalk. This helps separate the mountains and make them pop out from the colorful layers.


That’s it! See some of our finished landscapes  below!


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