Make These Funky Chickens With 5 Common Recyclables!

Did you know that September is National Chicken Month?


Yeah, me either.

Once I heard it was, though, I had to dig through our crafty archives to share these Funky Chickens with you all before the month was over.

We made these last fall and they are proudly hanging in our art space, paying homage to our fallen fowl we used to own.

Most of the materials we used to make these birds were pulled straight from our recycle bin!

See below for the materials and the how to.

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Free Materials:

  • Cardboard (sturdy, not cereal boxes)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Produce mesh
  • Plastic bottle and drink tops
  • Paper scraps

Purchased Materials:


Here is what we did to make these feathery friends:


1) First, I cut out a couple of chicken shapes and parts for my girls from large pieces of cardboard.

One side was white so we used that for the paint to show up better. If your cardboard is brown, you could just add a little white to your paint to make it more opaque and cover the brown better.

2) My girls then painted their chickens with the tempera colors of their choice.


We let our paint dry a bit before moving on to the next step.

3) We wanted to give our chicken bodies a little texture so we rolled some paint onto bubble wrap and printed it onto our chickens. We love this process and did this also for our Upcycled Owls.


4) We collected our other recycled materials for our chickens and began assembling and attaching them with glue. We used hot glue for some of the trickier items like our plastic drink tops, pipe cleaners, and feathers.


I also pulled out my hoarded bag of hole punch scraps for this project…I have literally been saving these from a project I did over a decade ago! I thought it would add perfect feathery texture but, of course, my oldest only put ONE piece onto her bird wing! And my youngest didn’t use any!


Here is our finished flock of Funky Chickens:




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