Monochromatic Collage: Green Study

This simple collage project is made using cardboard, scrap papers, and miscellaneous recycled materials in a green monochromatic color scheme.

MONOCHROMATIC– of or having one color; of, relating to, or having tones of one color in addition to the groundhue

This project would be perfect for Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, or for just a color theory exploration.

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  • Canvas panel or stiff piece of cardboard
  • Cardboard scraps or pieces cut into various shapes
  • Paper scraps such as book pages or green patterned papers
  • Misc. recyclable materials such as produce mesh or plastic straws
  • Tempera
  • Glue


Step 1-

Make a variety of different shades of green paint. In addition to regular green, I made combinations of:

  • green and white
  • green and blue
  • green, blue, and white
  • green and brown
  • green and yellow
  • green, yellow, and white

My girls chose their favorite green and painted their canvas panel.


Step 2-

Cut your cardboard scraps into various shapes and paint them in your different shades of green. The brown cardboard may need a couple coats of paint to show up but sometimes I give them a quick coat of white paint first.



Step 3-

Collect a variety of green scrap papers and cut or tear them into pieces. We also dug around in our recycled material art bin and found some green straws and produce mesh to add to our collages. Anything goes!



Arrange and glue your papers, painted cardboard shapes, and other materials onto your canvas panel or cardboard. It’s all about the process so let them choose how they want to create their collage.




These collages are perfect for small children who love to glue and stick and also to incorporate into color theory lessons.

Finished collages:




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