Doily Dream Catchers

We recently acquired a large quantity of doilies and miscellaneous craft materials from a sweet family friend of mine, Jane, who blogs at She knows the girls and I stay busy with art projects and thought of us as she was de-cluttering and going through things she was holding on to.  I was so excited to receive these and immediately started brainstorming some project ideas to do with the girls.

We decided to turn them into DREAM CATCHERS!

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IMG_7735 - Edited

We began by painting them with watercolor.

File_004 (44) - Edited

The doilies were pretty dry and absorbent and it took a lot of back and forth dipping into the paint. We found that if you use a spray bottle and spray it down with water first then it helps the paint spread and bleed into each other. Once, we did that it went a little faster and was easier for the girls to paint them.

File_001 (55) - Edited

File_001 (52) - Edited

Aren’t they beautiful! The girls enjoyed painting them and made one right after the other. I joined in too and made several myself! We loved having a variety of sizes and trying different color schemes.

Check it out! We were also pretty impressed with the paper towels we placed under our doilies! They left some pretty cool designs.

Once the doilies are dry, fit and secure them in the embroidery hoops. Cut long strands of your ribbon and begin looping it around the bottom of the hoop through the doily holes. This step was a little tricky for my girls so they chose their colors and I did the looping.

File_003 (45) - Edited

File_006 (34) - Edited

File_000 (68) - Edited

File_002 (48) - Edited

We ran out of hoops to fit this doily so I threaded a string through the holes and around the hoop.

File_000 (73)

I’m kind of obsessed with this project! I love how they turned out and Lila has already said they have helped keep away bad dreams! Yes!


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