Fingerprint Trees

DSC_0626 We revisited paint blowing that we did the other day for our next activity. Using straws to direct the paint is a great way to make branches and trees so we made a fingerprint tree with this technique.

Children’s fingerprint art is always a win with parents and grandparents so this would be a fun gift idea! Try this activity for Mother’s Day coming up!

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Our activity started with this beautiful book, Tree: A Peek-Through Picture Book. This book shows the transformation of seasons with adorable cut-outs and illustrations on each page.

We started by using our pipettes to create a line of brown liquid watercolor paint (we mixed red and green to get brown) for the tree trunk.

They used the straws to blow the paint in different directions to create branches along the trunk. I encouraged them to blow mostly in the upper part of the tree.


I put a thin layer of green paint on a tray (not too much…you want it to almost be like a stamp pad). I told the girls to put their finger in the paint and stamp around the branches like leaves in a summer tree…Lila liked using all ten of her fingers at one time!



Lila LOVED adding her fingerprints but Willa was on to bigger and better things so she made a fall tree!


This would be a fun activity to do for all seasons by changing the leaf color or adding other details.

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