New Gig and International Dot Day 2018

With the exception of my last post on our Funky Chickens, it has been a while since I posted on The Art Garden. I have still been occasionally active on my Instagram page, but other than that I have been hitting the floor running with my new gig…I’m back to teaching art!

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Coffee Filter Pointillism Butterflies

I was on an art mission, one day, and started digging around my kitchen. I wanted to find some of those regular white coffee filters for a watercolor activity I wanted to try. Our new coffee maker takes the brown cone filters but I knew I had some white ones stashed away at one point. […]

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Heart Art ~ Four Ways

Looking for some LOVE themed art ideas? Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so here is your one stop for FOUR fun art ideas! Any of these can be used for framed art, cards, or gift ideas. Click on the link below for a step-by-step video and then scroll below for more details and […]

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