Giant Cardboard Feathers

I love using cardboard for creating because it is a FREE canvas that is readily available.

We have used cardboard for many past projects including our Funky Chickens, Monochromatic Collage, and our Upcycled Owls. There are many more so just take a look under my Create page and you can find a lot of inspiration with recycled materials.

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Nature Shadow Boxes Part 2!

One of my first blog posts on The Art Garden was this Nature Shadow Box Assemblage. It was a fun art, nature, and sensory experience that my girls and I really enjoyed. We decided to come back to this activity when we had some dying flowers in our garden and some wilted store-bought flowers. We […]

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Yarn Paintings

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In addition to the guacamole and margaritas we will be making later, we decided to make some yarn art inspired by the Huichol Yarn Paintings. You can read a little about the history of them here and here. Basically, yarn is used for the entire “painting” to create an image or design. I […]

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Nature Shadow Boxes

It looks like we are already into summer here in Alabama with our high 80’s we have been having and 90 degrees coming up this week. We have short springs here so we enjoyed this project on one of our cool afternoons a few weeks ago when we still had some spring foliage with some […]

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Mixed Media Easter Egg Craft

I thought I’d post this even though Easter is about to officially end in a couple of hours. My girls love mixed media projects that involve painting, cutting, gluing, stamping, and experimenting with a variety of materials. They especially love projects where they have free reign to use the materials any way they please. This […]

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