Printmaking Using a Common Household Kitchen Item!


I have been working on eLearning lesson ideas for my students at home. My goal is to show them art processes and ideas that are simple and easy for parents to assist them with without being overwhelmed with multiple steps and mess. I also know that many homes may not have an abundance of art materials so I’m focusing on accessible items at home such as recyclables, nature, found objects, and simple drawing tools.

One of the common items that most households have in their kitchen is FOIL! Did you know that you can make prints with a simple piece of foil? If you don’t have foil on hand, a plastic sandwich bag works too!

See our steps below and the 4 items you need:

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Yes, you only need 4 items for this process:

  • a piece of foil (or sandwich bag)
  • Washable markers
  • Spray Bottle (if you don’t have a spray bottle, rinse out an old bottle of cleaner or gently flick water with your hand!)
  • a piece of paper (we used old sheet music but anything goes…white art paper, newspaper, an old book page, etc…)

Since we used old sheet music, the book Because by Mo Willems was a perfect coordinating children’s book. This book makes a perfect art and music collaboration for your homeschooling content.

Here are the EASY steps.

Step 1- Color all around your piece of foil with markers


Step 2- Mist all around the foil with your spray bottle. Too much water can water it down and produce lighter results so go easy and just make sure all areas are wet.

Step 3- Place your paper on top of the foil and gently rub around all areas of the paper.

Step 4- Slowly lift your paper to reveal your colored print!


So pretty and so simple!

Leave the paper as is or, once it is dry, you can use it for drawings or a fun mixed media project!

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2 thoughts on “Printmaking Using a Common Household Kitchen Item!

  1. What a great idea! I have been doing this with left over paint. When I paint with acrylic or tempera I use a square ceramic plate and one day I thought what should I do with this paint. I grabbed a sheet of copy paper and just stamped the paper on the plate. I let the dry and then used the texture paper to make a butterfly. Eric Carle is my favorite.