Spooky Spider Art


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This spider art is a perfect project for little ones during the Halloween season and only requires a few simple materials. Read the book, The Very Busy Spider, by Eric Carle for a literacy connection then follow the easy steps below!


Step 1-

Paint your book page with liquid watercolor. We used purple and blue together. Let it dry for a few minutes (our book page was old and thin so it didn’t take very long!)

Step 2- 

Squirt a thin layer of black tempera paint onto a plate. Dip your bottle tops into the paint and stamp them onto your paper. We were able to fit two or three circles on our pages. Use the edge of the cardboard pieces to print lines for the legs. We did 3 legs on each side of our circles…but realized later that we should have done 4! This was corrected after these pics were already taken!



Step 4- 

Use black glitter glue to attach the googly eyes. We also used the glue to create spider webs…see below!


Our finished spiders!


So cute, super simple, and just a tad spooky! Give this project a try and be sure to tag me on Instagram @theartgardenblog so I can see it!