Drama Llamas: Mixed Media Art for the Llama Lover

Llamas are pretty fun animals and have become pretty popular right now in most kid departments. Llamas have been seen in everything from birthday party decorations to home decor and even bed sheets.

We happened to run into a live one during an excursion at a local animal safari near my hometown. I snapped a pic and this guy/gal later became our inspiration for some mixed media art fun.

I have a lot of fun joining together with other creative Moms and Dads over on Instagram and right now I’m teaming with Tammy from @kidsmakemess to get messy with Egg Cartons. We decided to pair this Llama sighting with some egg carton fun.

See our materials and steps below for these sassy and fun Drama Llamas.

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1) Start by prepping your cardboard. Paint a few coats of white paint on a sturdy piece of cardboard. Gesso also provides great coverage if you have that on hand. Let dry.


2) While your background is drying, begin creating your egg carton flowers.

I love coming across a variety egg cartons in different colors and shapes and always save them for our projects. Gather your egg cartons and cut out the sections. Cut around the edges and create different petal shapes. Experiment with different curved shapes, little slits, and pointed tips for a variety.

3) Paint your egg carton flowers (we used acrylic) and let them dry before moving on to the next step.


4) Print out the Llama Image in black and white and cut it out around the llama shape. Glue the llama image to your painted cardboard with a glue stick.

5) Decorate the Llama with permanent marker and add details such as eye lashes, lips, bows, headband, patterns, etc…My girls added grass and other details to the background with their markers as well.

6) Once your egg carton flowers are dry, glue them around the Llama’s head for a little drama. Leftover flowers can also be added to the background.


6) Finish it with Pom Poms for added color and decoration.

Our finished Drama Llamas:




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