Floating Chalk Prints

Have you ever tried Floating Chalk Prints? If not, you are missing out!

I am late to the game on this process and fell in love when I first saw these beautiful prints by Arielle from Art Camp.

We gave it a try the other day and we were amazed at the results. So beautiful and simple!


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I came across this book the other day and immediately thought of chalk prints for a coordinating activity. The colorful powder of the Holi Festival of Colors reminded me of chalk!

We used a common, school brand of chalk that worked great and the colors were vibrant.  Sidewalk chalk will work but it will not be as bright.

See our simple materials and steps below.



Step 1:

Shave your chalk pastels into a pan of water. I used the edge of scissors.


Step 2:

Place your piece of paper onto the chalk water; lightly press the paper and around the edges but don’t submerge it.


Step 3:

Lift up to reveal your chalk print! That’s it!



The results are amazing and the process is addicting! We made print after print and each one was better than the last. The layered colors and texture are incredible.



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