Process Art: Using Feathers for Art Making

We love making art on unusual or unconventional surfaces. Have you seen our Coffee Filter Butterflies or our plastic Milk Jug Faces?

We also love using unconventional materials to use as a tool for art making! Want to know what I mean? See below how our feathers transformed from one process to another.


Using a unique material to paint with other than a traditional paintbrush mixes things up a bit and allows the child to be a little more creative. It is fun for the child to explore a new tool and experiment with new ways to make marks. It also breaks the older child away from just painting face suns and puffy cloud trees!

During one of our painting sessions at home, we decided to experiment using a feather to paint with instead of a paintbrush. We discovered that the soft quills created a nice texture as we scraped it and made lines along the paper.

When our painting session was over, we had this beautiful art plus a painted feather.

Our painted feather tip gave me an idea and we decided to paint the rest of our blank feathers.

Our finished feathers turned out so pretty!

Now, what to do with those feathers?

Hang them up for a beautiful bunting!

Pin for later!featherpin

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