Create Beautiful Texture Using This Watercolor Technique

Watercolor round 2! I showed my girls several different techniques to do with watercolor the other day and they all turned out beautiful! I wrote about this one and wanted to share another one with you that we did. This technique uses salt to create beautiful effects and it is a must try when using watercolors. It… Continue reading Create Beautiful Texture Using This Watercolor Technique


Try This Easy Watercolor Resist

Oil and water don't mix, right? That is the premise of doing a resist painting using watercolor and oil pastels. When you draw with an oily substance and paint over it, the liquid will resist the oil and soak into the paper around it. The results are beautiful and children of all ages love it.… Continue reading Try This Easy Watercolor Resist


10 Awesome Art Books For Inspiring Creativity

When I used to teach Elementary art, I incorporated books into my lessons for almost every project. Not only did it help tie in content but the children could be inspired and motivated to be creative by listening to the words and looking at the illustrations.  Now that I am a mother, reading to my children… Continue reading 10 Awesome Art Books For Inspiring Creativity

Creativity · Nature

10 Earth Day Activities and Crafts

I love nature about as much as I love art and the two work perfectly together. In celebration of Earth Day, I created a resource of 10 activities and crafts that use nature as a material, inspiration, or reuses items that would otherwise go to a landfill. Here they are: Milk Carton Fairy Houses from stlMotherhood. These… Continue reading 10 Earth Day Activities and Crafts

Creativity · Nature

Nature Shadow Boxes

It looks like we are already into summer here in Alabama with our high 80's we have been having and 90 degrees coming up this week. We have short springs here so we enjoyed this project on one of our cool afternoons a few weeks ago when we still had some spring foliage with some… Continue reading Nature Shadow Boxes


Mixed Media Easter Egg Craft

I thought I'd post this even though Easter is about to officially end in a couple of hours. My girls love mixed media projects that involve painting, cutting, gluing, stamping, and experimenting with a variety of materials. They especially love projects where they have free reign to use the materials any way they please. We… Continue reading Mixed Media Easter Egg Craft